Bond strength of resin cements to novel materials to intracanal posts applications

Lígia Gabrielle Sanches Mariotto, Carla Larissa Vidal, Denise Tornavoi de Castro, Alma Blásida Concepcion Elizaur Benitez Catirse, Rossana Pereira de Almeida, Andréa Cândido dos Reis


Objective: evaluate the bond strength of resin cements to new materials for application in intraradicular posts. Material and Methods: Five materials were evaluated: fiberglass, PET, polyethylene, polyacetal and PTFE. Two commercial resin cements (Rely X U200 and Rely X Arc) were applied on the test specimens of the materials (9x3mm) and the bonding was evaluated through the shear bond strength test, where the chisel operated with a load of 1kN and a velocity of 0.5mm/min at the cement/material interface. The data were analyzed by the Shapiro-Wilk test, followed by the two-way analysis of variance, performed with the Bonferroni post-test (α=0.05). Results: The glass fiber was statistically different from all evaluated materials (p<0.05). There was no statistically significant difference between the other materials (p>0.05). Comparing the two cements, a statistical difference was found between Rely X U200 and Arc only for the glass fiber (p=0). Conclusion: PET, polyethylene, polyacetal and PTFE exhibited reduced bond strength compared to the glass fiber.


Resin cement; PET polymer; Polytetrafluoroethylene.

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