Comparative study of some mechanical properties of cobalt chromium and polyether ether ketone thermoplastic removable partial denture clasps: an In-vitro Study


  • Rady El-Baz Removable Prosthodontics Department - Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine - Al-Azhar University - Cairo – Egypt
  • Mostafa Fayad Removable Prosthodontics Department - Al-Azhar University - Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine - Cairo – Egypt. Substitutive Dental Science Department, College of Dentistry, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia
  • Mohamed Abas Dental Biomaterials Department - Al-Azhar University - Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine - Cairo – Egypt
  • Ahmed Shoieb Removable Prosthodontics Department - Al-Azhar University - Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine - Cairo – Egypt.
  • Mohammed Gad Prosthodontics Department - Faculty of Dentistry - Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University - Dammam - Suadi Arabia
  • Mohamed Ahmed Helal Removable Prosthodontics Department - Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine - Al-Azhar University - Cairo – Egypt.



Objective: was to evaluate the retentive force, fatigue resistance and deformity of clasps made from two materials cobalt chromium and poly ether et her ketone (PEEK). Material and Methods: sixteen models were fabricated, each one having lower 1st molar. Models were divided into two groups according to materials, group I (GI) for cobalt chromium (Co-Cr) and group II (GII) for PEEK. Each testing models and its clasps were mounted inside universal testing machine, the retention was measured by applying withdrawal force to it by this machine at 5 mm/min. The Fatigue resistance is measured by the reduction in retention through repeated insertion and removal cycles using robot a chewing simulator. Removal and insertion cycling of clasps was carried out for 360, 730, 1080, 1,440,2,116 and 2,880 cycles (corresponding to 3,6,9,12, 18 and 24 months of simulated clinical use of a RPD) to simulate the fatigue resistance test. Deformity was measured before and after each cycling using a digital micrometer. Statistical analysis was done by 2-way-ANOVA test to detect significance effects of each variable. Results: Retention and fatigue resistance, after 360,730, 1080, 1,440,2,116 and 2,880 cycles totally the difference between Co-Cr and PEEK groups was statistically non-significant (P = 0.0980>0.05) where (Co-Cr > PEEK). Deformation results, regardless to evaluation time, Co-Cr group recorded statistically significant higher deformation mean value than PEEK group (P = 0.008<0.05). Regardless to material group, deformation mean value changed non significantly by time (P = 0.2882> 0.05). Conclusion: PEEK clasps (1.0 mm in cross section diameter) engage 0.50 mm undercut provide sufficient retention nearly similar that of Co-Cr clasps.


Flexible clasps; Polyether ether ketone, PEEK; Thermoplastic resin; Partial denture.


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