Evaluation of oral pathologic lesions in elderly patients in Isfahan, Iran, 1989-2018 years





Objective: One of the most important alterations in elderly is the destruction and loss of teeth and oral mucosal lesions. The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of biopsed pathologic lesions in elderly registered in the pathology department of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences during 1989 to 2018 years. Material and Methods: This crosssectional descriptive-analytic study was performed on pathologic lesions in elderly archived in Faculty of Dentistry, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. In this study, all archived information of elderly over 65 years including gender, age, location of lesion, clinical diagnosis, pathology diagnosis, and diagnosis year were evaluated in last three decades, and were analyzed statistically. Results: The age range of elderly patients was 65 to 90 years with a mean of 72.8 ± 4.9. The highest frequency for location of lesions was related to mandibular vestibule (21.1%). The most clinical diagnosed lesions were squamous cell carcinoma (24.5%) and Epulis Fissuratum (13.4%). The highest pathologic diagnosed lesions were related to reactive lesions group (35.6%). The squamous cell carcinoma malignancies and other malignancies were increased significantly in elderly patients with high age. Conclusion: According to the considerable frequency of oral lesions in elderly and increased frequency of squamous cell carcinoma and other malignancies, attention to oral lesions in elderly and periodic examinations are important to early diagnosis and treatment.


Pathology; Biopsy; Elderly; Oral lesions; Isfahan.


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