Do HIV patients have mandibular osteoporotic alterations? A mandibular cortical index case-control study




Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate mandibular osteoporotic alterations in patients with HIV infection in comparison to non-HIV-infected patients using panoramic radiographs. Material and Methods: 26 HIV-infected patients and 142 non-HIV-infected patients (control group) were included in this study. Panoramic radiographs of the participants were assessed considering mandibular cortical index (MCI). Non-parametric comparisons between groups were performed, using Mann-Whitney test, at a level significance level of p= 0.05. Results: HIV-infected patients presented lower bone mineral density (BMD) at mandible, assessed by MCI in panoramic radiographs when compared to non-HIV-infected patients. The medication intake of HIV-infected patients was highly heterogeneous and could not be associated to the low BMD presented in the mandibular cortex. Conclusions:  HIV-infected patients may present lower mandibular BMD than non-HIV-infected patients.



Panoramic radiograph; osteoporosis; bone mineral density; HIV.


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