Interaction of dental anxiety and ABO secretor status of blood group on dental caries in a group of children




Objective: To evaluate the interaction of the dental anxiety precedents at the first dental examination and
the AB secretor status of blood groups (A, B, AB, and O) on dental caries experience and severity in a group
of school children. Material and Methods: This is a cross-sectional study included 81 healthy children aged
6-8 years from primary schools in Baghdad; with negative previous dental visit. Dental anxiety represented by
physiological measures was measured by pulse oximeter. Dental caries experience and severity was recorded.
Unstimulated salivary samples were taken from the children to determine the salivary secretor status for AB
blood type. Results: The anxiety was decreased as age increases; boys were more anxious than girls; and more
anxious children were found in non-secretor group; Dental caries was higher in non-secretor anxious children
all with non-significant difference. Conclusion: There is little evidence that the AB secretor status and anxiety
to have influence on dental caries experience and severity, as there are many factors may interact to propagate
the caries experience and severity.
Dental anxiety; Dental caries; Children.



2022-02-03 — Updated on 2022-03-29




Clinical or Laboratorial Research Manuscript