Evaluation of the wear rates of eight different brands of artificial resin teeth


  • Wirley G. Assunção
  • Débora B. Barbosa
  • Marcelo C. Goiato
  • Lucas F. Tabata
  • Humberto G. Filho




The wear of artificial resin teeth used in prosthetic rehabilitation treatment is of great concern to the dentist, since wear changes the occlusal vertical dimension (OVD) and may provoke cranio-mandibular disturbance, decrease masticatory efficiency, increase the discomfort for the patient and alter esthetics. Thus, one of the most important physical proper­ties of artificial teeth is their abrasion resistance and the ability to maintain the occlusal relation of the patient stable. To evaluate the rates of wear of eight commercially available brands of artificial resin teeth, forty-eight samples were prepared from 8 different brands, totaling 8 groups each with six elements. The samples were evaluated by a gravimet­ric method, and analyzed by measuring the difference between the initial and final weights following the experiment. Obtained values were submitted to variance analysis and Tukey’s test (p<0.05). Statistic analysis revealed a difference between Artplus, Biolux, Duratone, Trilux, Trubyte Biotone and Vipi Dent Plus brands and the SR Orthosit teeth. Teeth of Myerson brand did not show any significant difference for any of the brands tested, presenting results with intermediate values (p<0.05). Artplus, Biolux, Duratone, Trilux, Trubyte Biotone and Vipi Dent Plus teeth brands presented higher wear values, while the SR Orthosit teeth brand demonstrated lower wear values and was, therefore, the best brand of tooth among those evaluated.





Clinical or Laboratorial Research Manuscript