Assessing the quality of root canal filling and instrumentation time using kedo-s files, reciprocating files and k-files

Lakshimi Lakshmanan, Geo Mani, Ganesh Jeevanandan, Vignesh Ravindran, Subramanian Erulappan Muthu Ganapathi


Objective: Pulpectomy is the conservative treatment approach that retains and preserves the primary tooth in the dental arch in its normal function and non-pathologic state until its exfoliation. Over the years, pulpectomy has been performed using various instrumentation techniques. The aim of this study was to compare the quality of root filing and instrumentation time using Kedo-S files, Reciprocating files and K-files in primary teeth. Material And Methods: A randomized clinical trial was performed on 45 primary molars equally distributed for instrumentation with Kedo-S files, reciprocating files and K-Files. Immediate post-operative digital radiographs were taken to evaluate the quality of root filing and root canal instrumentation time was also recorded. Results: Mean instrumentation time with Kedo-S was 75.6 seconds, reciprocating file was 190.6 seconds and K-file was 95.4 seconds. Highest optimal fill was obtained with Kedo-S file group, highest overfill was obtained with Kedo-S group and highest under fill was obtained with reciprocating file group. Conclusion: Kedo-S rotary system provides better quality of root canal filling in minimum instrumentation time.


 Pulpectomy; Primary teeth; Root canal filling; Rotary files.

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